Module 2: Support Module

Sub-Module 1) View

We develop tailor made travel portal and accordance with the project execution methodology plan for

Sub-Module 2) Manage Emails/Inquiries

Ability to reply to user queries from the back end. The support query reply has a fixed standard template which will be inserted automatically and then text can be added to this template. This template is HTML and should be managed from back end. In other words we should be able to change the design of this template if needed. NOTE: THIS IS REQUIRED FOR ALL EMAILS. The queries can be filtered in two ways :

Type :
  • Cancellations
  • Modifications
  • General Inquiries
  • Administrative
Source :
  • From B2B
  • From B2C
  • From Hotel Owners
  • From the System : In case of the errors

Multiple filters should be allowed here. For example if I select Type as 1) & Source 2), I should be able to view all modifications requests from B2C. It should be able to sort if a query is about our own inventory or the API.

Sub-Module 3) Manage a Booking

Ability to Edit/Cancel/ Make a new booking from back-end. The make a new booking from back end should be fast and a single page form. Before Cancelling/Modification the system will pop out a reminder stating the cancellation/modification policy for that particular reservation. The policies will be sourced from the API or the CRS depending on the type of reservation. This pop out will also state if the cancellation/modification is possible and the associated fees. If the associated requests go through ( Cancellation/Modification) then automated email should be shot to the customers with either the cancellation receipt or modified details.

Sub-Module 4) Email Reminders

Before check in and after check out emails. These are HTML emails and should be managed from the backend. These emails will be shot automatically depending on check-in and checkout.

Sub-Module 5) FAQ Manager

The FAQ manager will let add,delete,edit the content on frequently asked questions page.