HTML5 & CSS3 Travel Website Development

Today, HTML5 and CSS-based layouts are a commonplace and every single browser has a solid support for them. CSS3 and HTML5 have become renowned tools that help in structuring a well-defined website. Each of them showcases advanced features of their own. However, nowadays, they are used in combination with each other by avant-grade web designers, to develop refined web pages with semantic accuracy.

Having website and developing it on a regular basis is highly crucial to withstand competition and to grow in this extremely dynamic and competitive environment of business industry. However, it is very time consuming and expensive to conceptualise, host, maintain and update such portal. Also, it demands technical skills and has reliance on the web-masters.

At DECORD, we address these challenges rendering a solution that enables you notably reduce the time, cost and effort of creating, updating and maintaining your websites. We are among the best creative and innovative travel website developers in Bangalore, offering HTML5 responsive website designs for travel industry. Hence we make use of popular languages like HTML5 and CSS3 which are easy and convenient to use. Consider the following advantages of HTML5 and CSS3.

Advantages of having website in HTML5/CSS3

  • The first advantage that DECORD provides you by using these languages is that the readable codes, which are seamlessly accurate. When a web design is not accurate, it certainly cannot attain a good rank. HTML5 and CSS3 enable you to overcome this problem. The readable codes are very easy and simple to understand.
  • DECORD designs excellent web pages with the help of their excellent staff and the tutorials provided in the language. This helps them make use of appropriate tools in the language for a website.
  • Many websites demand some extra plug-ins to view the videos in the web page. Hence we make use of CSS3 and HTML5, so that the video and audio effects can be viewed and tagged without any support of third party plug-ins.
  • Using different codes for the purpose of updates are crucial for all types of websites. These codes fail to give a proper output at times. Experts at DECORD understand this hurdle. Hence, they make use of CSS3 and HTML5, because scripting is not required for validation. This helps them safely avoid the usage of complex and confusing codes.
  • With the help of HTML5 and CSS3 DECORD designers are able to develop web pages that are compatible even with earlier versions of your browsers.
  • Experts at DECORD understand that flash applications certainly cause problems. Hence they combine HTML5 with CSS3 to provide users with alternative features to support media.
  • Creating Box Shadow demands numerous images and this entire process is made easy by DECORD experts. The text shadow is a new element which is added to make the web page more appealing. This is conveniently at DECORD by making use of simple codes in CSS3. This enables them to make the web layout very simple.
  • One of the well-known elements in web design is the use of rounded corners for menus, buttons, layout elements, and much more. By using the 'border-radius' feature, you can create rounded corners easily. At DECORD all this is done skilfully.
  • A number of websites have contact forms that enable the clients to contact the company easily. However, some forms are not supported by browsers. DECORD designs various forms with the help of CSS3 and HTML5 which have a distinct design and are compatible with most of the common browsers.
  • By making use of these technologies, DECORD offers its clients complete control over the colors in the templates, thereby reducing the need to use separate codes for the color theme.