CRS Home Page Management

This module facilitates content management for home page.

  • The social Media Links can be changed from this module
  • All Images 1) Main Image 2) Banner Image One 3) Banner Image 2 can be changed and their links can be changed from the backend. The links on all these have to open in a new tab.
  • Hiding main sections – Top sections like Travel, Attractions, Offers etc can be hidden and disabled
  • Text Below the Main Picture can be edited and managed from the super admin
  • Our top Travel Destination & Recommended Hotel Management: The content for this section can be managed from this module. For example: If I want to add a new destination, I will get a list of all landing pages I already have and select which one to add to this section and the system will automatically pull info from the landing page i.e. desc, image and other info and on clicking CHECK DEALS it will redirect the user to that particular landing page.
  • Similarly for hotels I should be able to just select a hotel to be added and the system will automatically pull information depending whether the hotel is own inventory or API inventory.
  • Why choose 's content can be managed from the back end.
  • The bottom link to landing pages can be managed from this module. That is add/delete these and changes their corresponding links.
  • The best price guarantee section and everything else can be managed from this module.

General UI Features

  • Only available hotels will be shown on landing pages
  • Displayed Currency is always USD by Default.
  • Each Landing Page will show the number of hotels.
  • Smoking/Non smoking info to be asked by user even though not required by the API
  • Each page has a social medial sharing widget whether it's a hotel page, landing page or home page or after a booking has been made.
  • Every Confirmation sent has social media sharing/like widgets.
  • Before every booking we need a checkbox to agree to terms and conditions box which will view cancellation/modification policies.
  • After Booking Page: This will have affiliate links.
  • We will have a form for a Group Booking
  • Every page has a refresh button which will pull real time rates and inventories. This is automatically trigged if user remains on a page more than 15 mins.
  • Anytime a booking does not go through the super admin should be sent a email like problems with payment processing or problems with CRS or API
  • If automatic cancellation is enabled then policy and fees will be displayed with a checkbox before cancellation/modification is confirmed. This pop-up will display how much amount will be returned and how much is charged as per cancellation policy.
  • Each page has option to be viewed in different languages as the API provides the hotel info in different languages.
  • If a hotel is not a instant confirmation hotel than a pop warning will be displayed that will have check box to acknowledge the condition and then it ll be proceed to the hotel booking page.
  • Sign in or Checkout as a guest option. Username is always email address
Sorting Filters on Landing Pages are following :
  1. Hotel Chain
  2. Star Rating
  3. Property Amenities
  4. Room Amenities
  5. Board Type
  6. Instant Confirmation or Not
  7. Price
  8. User Rating
  9. Hotel Name Contains