CRS General Administrator and Features

  1. Super Admin has access to all modules and sub-modules. Some modules require authentication
  2. Create New User : The super admin can create new users and assign them any module or sub-module
  3. For Example If we want to create a support manager user we should be able to unlock some or all sub-modules of our Support Module for this user. The locked modules should not be visible to this user.
  4. Manage all Logins: This sub-module will facilitate changing username and passwords for all sub-logins.
  5. API Management: Block a particular inventory from a particular API which means block inventory from India or Russia.
  6. On landing pages only net rates are shown sourced from CRS or API. Only while entering payment info total amount will be shown ( i.e. trip cost + taxes/fees)
  7. Each Email sent from the back end has social media sharing/like widgets whether its monthly newsletter, email confirmation, customer support reply or any other offer email. Also content for each email is manageable from the back end i.e. each of these email will have a fix template which can be changed.
  8. Ability to Resend hotel voucher
  9. Any kind of response from the api for any particular booking can be sent in a email from super admin.
  10. Get Hotel Booking Status functionality for non-instant confirmation hotels in the back end.
  11. With booking confirmation we will send two emails: a) Reservation details b) Affiliate links. Both of these have a template and can be managed from the super admin
  12. Update hotel info every month the procedure and if possible facilitated from the back end
  13. Reservation Confirmation
  • From API : contains all the details that came with cancellation policy being mandatory.
  • From CRS : All reservation Info plus the rate policy description for this reservation picked from the Hotel as each hotel has a different cancellation policy.