Online Hotel central reservation system

Hotel central reservation system is also referred to as a Hotel CRS. This is nothing but a computerised system that distributes and stores information of a resort, hotel, and other lodging options available. A central reservation system can be safely considered as a tool to reach internet distribution system, as well as the global distribution system from one single system. Hotel CRS enables hotel managers in organising and managing their sales and online marketing, enabling them to upload their room rates and room availability which can be easily seen by their sales channels. Sales channels may include online travel agencies, as well as conventional travel agencies.

Hotel Central Reservation System Modules

  • Profiles
  • Reservations
  • Administration
  • Groups and blocks
  • Rate and inventory control
  • Global distribution interface
  • Reporting
  • PMS interface

Information that can be stored in the portals developed by us includes:

  • Generic hotel information (phone number, address, fax number)
  • Rate plans architecture
  • Room types
  • Room rates and conditions
  • Room inventories
  • Distribution content (amenities, descriptions, videos, pictures, local attractions...)
  • Nearby IATA airports and cities