Module 4: Markup Master Module

The mark-ups can be in terms of fix percentage or fix dollar amount. Only one of these is allowed for each mark-up criteria

Sub-Module 1) Create Markups

This module is used to create custom mark-ups. Priority Based Mark Up Filters used are :

  • Hotel Name , 3
  • City ,5
  • Country,6
  • State,7
  • CRS Inventory,2
  • Zip Code,4
  • Custom Group ,1
If a Hotel falls in more than one mark-up criteria then the priorities will be decide which mark-up criteria is to be used. For Example: Holiday Inn Bangalore is API Inventory and mark-ups sets are as follows:
  • Holiday In Bangalore – 10%
  • Bangalore – 15%

Now priorities will come into play and mark up used will be 10%.
Another Example : Let's Say a Customer Group is created :

Group 1: Example
  • Holiday In Bangalore
  • Taj Mahal Mumbai
  • Continental Plaza Orlando
  • The Palace Dubai
  • The Plaza New York

And the following mark up has been set :
Group 1 -- 15%
The Palace Dubai 30%
Then priorities will be compared and the first mark up will be used ie 15%.

Sub-Module 2) Manage Markups

We should be able to manage these mark-ups. For example delete the entire criteria or change the mark-up%.