Module 3: Marketing Module

Sub-Module 1) Monthly Newsletter Email

We develop tailor made travel portal and accordance with the project execution methodology plan for

  • Send email newsletter ever month. This can be scheduled from the back end for a specific date and time in the back end.
  • The content for this is in html and can be managed from back end.
Sub-Module 2) Offer Email

If needed we can create other offer emails and manage it from backend i.e schedule it from back end. For Example Summer Special or Some other schemes.

Sub-Module 3) On-Page SEO – Requires Two-Level Login

This is to manage the on page SEO for all SEO Landing Pages and Home Page:

  • Meta Tags
  • Alt Tags
  • General Inquiries
  • Meta Desc etc
Sub-Module 4) Discount Coupon Codes – Require Two-level Login

This sub module is to create discount coupon codes For Example Code 1197454 refers to 15% Discount. While creating a discount code we should be able to define a time period when this code will be valid. This code has to be alphanumeric.

Sub-Module 5) Create Packages

The super admin should be able to create packages like

  • 6 Nights at a particular hotel.
  • 10 nights in any city or country or state or area.