Own Inventory Central Reservation System

Sub-Module 1) CRS Admin General Features

  • Automatic Invoicing through email every month as scheduled by the CRS admin for each hotel. This will contain total bookings and cancellation report for a month with no of bookings made in that hotel.
  • CRS admin can create a new hotelier log in which then they can use to manage their hotel Information. Through this login they can manage their hotel info like name, pictures, description and contact details.
  • A report section here with same features here but just sourcing all data from CRS Bookings
  • Every email sent from the CRS admin is archived and can be later viewed from the CRS admin.
  • Can view/manage/edit all inventory
  • Can disable/Enable any hotel
  • Can search Bookings using : First Name, Last Name, Email & Confirmation Number
  • Each reservation has a unique confirmation number
  • CRS can create booking s from the back end.
  • The CRS always shows rate by default for 2 Adults / 2 children
  • 3rd person $5 per person extra
  • 4th person $10
  • We need the ability to edit these for each hotel.

Sub-Module 2) Logged In Hoteliers

This module facilitates hoteliers to manage their hotel information through a login. The following are the features:

  • Leave a query for super admin
  • Can run their Booking/Cancellation/Modification Reports
  • Manage Rates & Inventories using Rate Manager: This is locked by default as rates and inventories are always pulled from the API. But the CR S admin can enable this feature and hoteliers can manage their rates and inventories manually. This feature can only be enabled/disabled by the CRS admin.
  • Manage and Create Rate Packages using Package Manager
  • Manage and Create Cancellation Policies using Policy Manager
  • Manage their hotel information using Information Manager
Sub-Module 3) Payment Processing Switch CRS
  • This is a very important module. It facilitates payment processing.
  • What we want is the ability to for the CRS to not charge the guests through our payment gateway.

This will function as follows : When booking in our own inventory, On clicking the make payment button after user fills out the payment form ( the last page of the reservation booking cycle) the system will check if the payment switch for this hotel is enabled/disabled.

If enabled it will collect the payment from B2C client in our account but if this switch is disabled then the system will not process the payment but will shoot a email to the hotelier with the payment information.

Only superadmin can activate/deactivate this switch. This requires a authentication. In this module we need a summary for this feature i.e. we can check what all switches are activated or deactivated.

Sub-Module 4) Advanced Rate & Inventory Manager

This module facilitates updating rates and Inventories in the following way:

Between Starting date - Ending Date

room type 1 rate - __________ S, M , T , W , t , f , s Room Type 1 rate ___ S, M , T , W , t , f , s

room type 1 Inv - __________ S, M , T , W , t , f , s Room Type 1 Inv ___ S, M , T , W , t , f , s

room type 2 rate - __________ S, M , T , W , t , f , s Room Type 2 rate ___ S, M , T , W , t , f , s

room type 2 Inv - __________ S, M , T , W , t , f , s Room Type 2 Inv ___ S, M , T , W , t , f , s

& So On

Explanation: Using the above method I can update room rates and inventories between two dates and for specific days of the week. For Example I can update for weekdays or weekends between dates by just filling 40 & 60 in row 1.

Sub-Module 5) Advanced Discount Package Manager

This module facilitates creating and describing rate packages which then can be selected while booking the hotel.

NOTE : Every hotel has a Best Available Rate Package which features 0% discount. This rate package is always locked for every hotel and is applicable for all dates and reservations. This is also the default selected room package.

  1. Create : Name and Description for the Package
    Activation Dates: Rate Package activated for start date & end date

Following criteria can be used :

  • Based on number of days booked in Advanced
  • Based on the length of stay
  • Based on Membership
  • Based on groups

The discount can be offered in term of fixed dollar amount or fixed percentage. The rate packages can be deleted /edited at any time. It has to be noted that every reservation falls into one rate package. Best Available Rate by default

Sub-Module 6) Cancellation Policy Manager

The CRS offers this to create Cancellation Policies. This works in the following way:

  • Create: Create a new cancellation Policy with a name and description
  • Apply to: Select from a list of available rate package.
  • Check: Check if cancellation is allowed or not. This is checked by checking if the cancellation is requested before this many days from check-in date.
  • For example if the value is 2 then cancellation is allowed until 48 hours before the time of check in for this hotel.
  • Penalty : Fix% , Dollar Amount & In terms of Nights
  • The cancellation policies can be edited or changed at any time.
Sub-Module 7) Hotel Information Manager

This module is used to collect hotel Information and has the following sections :

  • Basic Info
  • Content : Description, Nearby Attractions/Things To Do
  • Amenities : Room and Hotel
  • Pictures
  • Other Policies : Check-in &Check-out , Pets Allowed, Accepted Credit Card
Sub-Module 8) Check for "zero" rates or inventories:

This module goes through the CRS and checks whether any hotel has a "zero" inventory or rate and if it finds a matching case it summaries a report with name of the hotel and the dates when the inventory or rate is zero.

With this it also sends a email to the each hotel notifying them of the same. This template for this email can be managed from here.