Module 1: Dynamic Landing Pages

Around 150 landing pages which will all be deactivated and will contain no information. should be able to add information to these pages from this module. Apart from that we should be able to create a new page from scratch.

Sub module 1) Create:

Ability to create a SEO Landing Page from the SuperAdmin by filling a form. The form takes the following :

  • Title for the page
  • Description for the Page
  • Ability to add images
  • Attractions Section : This section is dynamic and will only show if we want to show it for a particular landing page. This will also have a button "BUY TICKETS" which will open a link in a new tab. The link will be different for each landing page and it should be managed while creating the landing page.
  • Ability to add Hotels : The hotel can be added in the following ways :
    1. Hotel Chain
    2. Country
    3. City
    4. Zip Code
    5. Hotel Name
    6. Star Rating
    7. From Own Inventory
    8. State
    9. No Of Rooms

Sub module 2) Manage

The addition/removal of hotels from this landing page should be convenient. For Example Multiple filters are allowed for adding the hotels. For Ex If I select 1) & 3) as my filters and give them values as India and Holiday Inn, I should get a list of all Holiday Inn Hotels in India. And from there I should be able to add all hotels in the list or select 2-3 hotels. Similarly editing a page information (description, image or Title ) or Removing a hotel from the list should be facilitated from the super admin.

Sub module 3) Enable/Disable

We need option to enable/disable a landing page which essentially means if a landing page is disabled the bookings from that page don't go through (And the page is not visible).

Sub module 4) Analytics

For Each page we want to be able to view the search engine analytics with the following mandatory information :

    1. Total Visitors/Impressions between start date and end date
    2. Avg Duration
    3. Bounce Rate
    4. Visitor Source

Sub Module 5) URL Structure

The URL for the landing pages can be decided while creating the landing pages.