B2C Manager Module

Sub-Module 1) B2C Account Manager:

  • Create a new B2C user from back end
  • View their account details/Bookings/Cancellations etc

Sub-Module 2) Manager

  • Activate/Deactivate any account
  • Edit account info for any B2C user
  • The support module while making a booking can import details from here i.e. if a B2C user has an account and they send a request to make a booking we should be able to pick the required info from here.
Sub-Module 3) B2C Logged in Page

These are features required for the logged in B2C users:

  • Can View Their Bookings
  • Can share their itinerary on social media
  • Can manage their account info
  • Print/Email their itinerary
  • Cancellations/Modifications : The B2C Clients can cancel or edit hotel bookings from this page but this feature is locked by default and can be activated by super admin for all B2C clients.

By default there will be two forms for customers to fill and request cancellation/modification from the super admin. 1) Cancellation Form 2) Modification Form.